Trend It Up Powder Blush 050

This is my current blush of choice that I wear pretty much every day because it’s another in my collection of very easy to wear colours, but unlike my other such blushes, this one also has a glow that my currently dry skin needs. I saw this blush on Petra’s blog and fell in love with it immediately, even before she posted swatches and I was determined I need it. My predictions that I will love it were correct. 

Texture: It’s one of those harder blushes and there is zero of any flaky powderiness when you swirl your brush in it, but the pigmentation is good and it’s has a very silky texture – it really is such great quality for a blush on a budget. I’ve tried a lot more expensive blushes that didn’t apply as nicely as this one. It has such a lovely satin glow on the cheeks that isn’t too much (don’t expect a highlighter glow), it just perks up the skin and doesn’t look obviously shimmery. This is what I was expecting from Catrice’s illuminating blushes, but none of the shades I have delivered. 

Colour: 050 is exactly my type of shade. It’s one of those natural muted pink shades that’s in the same colour family as I’m Nut’s About you and Romantic Rose by Milani (which are dupes for each other, btw). While it is similar, it’s not a dupe for either of the two since Trend it up 050 is pinker, more mauve and it also has a golden sheen. Rose Royce is a lot more warm pink and most bright of the four shades I compared. 

Staying Power: This doesn’t last as long as I would hope on the cheeks. I get a few hours like with most blushes and in this respect Catrice’s and Milani’s blushes are better, but today I applied it maybe three-four hours ago and it’s holding strong.

Packaging: This actually has a really good packaging for the price, in fact it feels like something that costs a lot more. It’s still plastic, but it just feels well-made and is sturdy. 
Price and availability: These are sold in DMs for 3.49 €.

I’m really happy with it. I adore the colour because it’s so easy to wear and works with any makeup plus the glow is nice. My only slight complaint is that the staying power could be better, but in general a majority of blushes don’t last well on my cheek, notable exceptions are Catrice’s, Milani’s and theBalm’s blushes. If you’re looking for something on a budget in this colour family, this one is lovely. I just grab it in the morning and brings some life to my face without turning me into a porcelain doll, plus it goes with anything.
Have a great day!

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