Misslyn Summer Pop Art LE

I have to say, this one of the most eye-catching collections I’ve seen in a while. The packaging was inspired by Pop Art and it also definitely has that Benefit/TheBalm vibe to it. I just got the collection sent with no additional information, but I hear it’s already on the stands (I go to drugstore twice a month, so I’m not really up to date with things, but I send someone awesome to check for me). There are more products than just what I got – there are two shades of bronzer (Barbados Babe is lighter than Hawaii), two shades of blush (another is Let Me Be your Peach) and three shades of lipsticks (alongside Pow Wow are a medium cool pink Pop Artist and red Red my Lips). You can see the whole collection here

Pop it Up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadow
01 Black Outlines, 15 Blue Eyes Wide Open and 22 Look up to you
5.99 €
As the name says these are gel eyeliners and eyeshadows in one, and though they work as both, you need to work fast if you want to wear these as eyeshadows because they set quickly. I got all three shades in the collection: 01 Black Outlines (black), 15 Blue Eyes Wide Open (blue) and 22 Look up to you (green). All are well pigmented, very smooth, apply very nicely with no spaces and they are not too creamy that they would sheer out on the lids. It’s just a pleasure to apply them, except then you have to deal with dirty brushes after –  that’s the only downside to gel eyeliners for me. Staying power is impressive as well and on my normal lids they last pretty much all day with no problems including (my tiny) wings. As eyeshadows they can look a bit patchy because the texture is of course thicker than most cream eyeshadows (it’s more a gel eyeliner formula than eyeshadow), so I would rather use them as eyeshadow bases. I applied them as eyeshadows just once for the purposes of pictures and they were so hard to remove that I had to use an oily cleanser and it still wasn’t properly clean. As regular eyeliners I wear them quite a lot, especially black and sometimes black + blue together (so I have definition from the black and a pop of colour from the blue. In fact I’m just wearing this combo today). All have a sticky plastic cover on them, which is reusable, so it should help a lot to keep them fresh longer.
01 Black Outlines
01 Black Outlines is a classic black with the usual gel matte finish. It reminds me of Mac’s Fluidline that I had a few years back. It’s smooth, it applies nicely and it’s all round a lovely gel formula.
15 Blue Eyes Wide Open

15 Blue Eyes Wide Open is a cobalt-royal blue, again with a matte finish. I love this one because I just feel it suits my eyes and as I said before I combine it with black for more definition. All three give me an Ancient Egypt vibe, but this one especially fits the bill. It’s more patchy on the eyes when worn as eyeshadow because it’s thicker than the green one, so it needs a lot of quick blending, but I would suggest applying a powder eyeshadow over it to even it out. It’s very opaque as an eyeshadow due to being so thick.
22 Look Up to you
22 Look up to You is a lighter emerald green and it’s the thinnest out of the three that’s why it works best as an eyeshadow, but again you need to work fast. Since it’s a lighter shade than black and blue, it feels like it’s not as intense, but it has the same pigmentation. Since it’s smoothest out of the three, flick might get a bit out of control when drawing them. 
Pop it Up Powder Blush
08 You Make me Blush
4.99 €

There are two blushes in this collection and I got 08 You Make me Blush, which is a bright, medium Barbie pink in the pan. I have nothing like it in my collection, but it actually doesn’t look as intense bubble gum pink on the cheeks than you might expect and it’s a more subdued shade of pink. It’s a bit powdery, especially compared to the smooth feeling bronzer and pigmentation is not as good either, but it’s not hard building it up and it still looks good on the cheeks. Staying power is decent, after about four hours it’s still on my cheeks, but I do apply a bit more layers than I would normally to get the colour going, so I’m sure that helps a lot. The packaging is just so totally my jam – pink polka dots. You can just imagine my excitement when I opened the parcel because this is just the cutest box ever. I just might get the peach one as well to display them on my vanity. 

Pop it Up Bronzing & Contouring Powder
61 Hi From Hawaii
4.99 €
Now that is some seriously pigmented bronzer. It’s smoother and more buttery that the blush, so the brush picks up a lot of colour even if you just touch it. I have to be super careful with this, wiping most on the back of my hand and slowly building up the colour. It’s a yellow toned bronzer, so quite warm, but it’s not orange. For my skin tone it could be a touch cooler or redder, but it does create a fairy believable tan if I use it lightly, however, it can quickly turn muddy. I’ve applied a lot on the picture below, just so you can see how it looks, but of course I don’t wear it like that and there is a picture at the end with a smaller amount. I’ve tried it as a contour and I can pull it off, again applied very, very lightly otherwise it’s just brown on me, so it’s not as good a shade as more taupe shades. I think this would suit medium warm skin tones, but they have one other bronzer which is lighter and i’ would probably be a better fit for me, hence you’d see better looks. It lasts ok on the skin, for me it’s hard to tell when it’s gone because bronzers are like face powders. The packaging is again adorable and I actually prefer this one to the lighter Barbados bronzer box. 

Pop it Up Lipstick 
20 Pow! Wow!
5.99 €
 There are three shades in the collection and I got probably the most summery one, since Pow! Wow! is definitely something for those who love orange-red lip colours in the style of Lady Danger. It’s a thick lipstick, but with a shiny finish, which means it’s a lipstick you feel on the lips, but despite being glossy, it manages to cling on a lot longer than most such formulas. The shade is an orange-red that is more orange than Lady Danger by Mac, which on me is already completely orange, but on medium skin tones, it’ll probably look more red. The lipstick has a scent of vanilla pudding, so very nice and delectable. The packaging is cardboard with an orange popsicles design.
Pop it up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadow in 01 Black Outlines on the eyes, Pop it Up blush in You Make Me Blush on the cheeks.

A couple more full face looks:
Pop it up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadow in 15 Blue Eyes Wide Open on the eyes, Pop it Up blush in You Make Me Blush on the cheeks and Pop it up lipstick in 20 Pow! Wow!

Pop it up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadow in 20 Look up to you, Pop it Up Bronzing & Contouring powder in 61 Hi from Hawaii and Pop it up lipstick in 20 Pow! Wow!

My top choices are gel eyeliners, especially the black and blue one as they are truly top notch quality. The blush could be a bit smoother and more pigmented, but it’s still fine and the packaging is gorgeous. Bronzer is nice quality, smooth and very pigmented, also not orange, but more suited for warm medium skin tones than my pale neutral one. I should check the lighter one next time I’m in Müller. The lipstick looks cute and the formula lasts well for a glossier one, but again I think it’s a shade for more medium skin tones and you know I like my lipsticks matte (also it’s a bit thick feeling for my taste, but I’m sure most won’t be bothered). This was actually my very first time trying Misslyn and I’m pretty impressed, also the fact the collection looks so nice is a big plus for me because I’m super shallow. 
Misslyn is available in Müllers.
*PR products.

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